In my 14 years working in the field, never has Jewish camp felt more vital than now.  

Camp is that feeling of happiness of singing at the top of your lungs, walking arm-in-arm with your best friends, playing your heart out for your color war team, and so many other wonderful moments – experienced every single day! But with the war in Israel and rising antisemitism, Jewish camp adds that critical element of providing an environment where our children are immersed in joyous Judaism, connect positively to Israel, and feel immensely proud to be Jewish. The often-described “bubble of camp” is the perfect antidote for this challenging time.  

Camps within the Foundation for Jewish Camp network are mission-based, non-profit organizations that exist to provide excellent experiences and lay the foundation for a strong Jewish future. The directors and staff are aligned with this mission and are among the most qualified, dedicated camp professionals out there. Jewish camps are at their peak in terms of excellent programs and facilities. I have seen such an increase in the quality of campuses over recent years, including renovated bunks and common spaces, high caliber sports fields and instructors, enhanced waterfronts, and outstanding specialties and electives. While every camp may not have every bell and whistle, they each have extensive offerings, ensuring that your child will not be bored and will come home with new skills and interests!  

Add to that the “secret sauce” – that special sense of ruach (spirit) and community that is palpable at Jewish camp that you just don’t feel at other camps. Surveys have indicated that children who attend Jewish camp are better equipped and more motivated to chart their own Jewish journey as adults.  

Jewish camp is more accessible than ever. Camp communities are increasingly reflecting the beautiful mosaic of today’s Jewish community — welcoming to interfaith/multifaith families, LGBTQ+ campers and staff, as well as campers and staff with disabilities. Our community is also working together – between the camps themselves, our Federation, synagogues and more – to ensure that any child who wants to go to Jewish camp has the financial resources to do so. It takes a village, and our village wants to make camp possible. 

The effects of the COVID years and living in the digital era have constrained the development of our children’s interpersonal skills and comfort with face-to-face interactions. I hear so often from kids how relieved and free they feel when they disconnect from their phones and social 

media at camp. There’s no better way to build person-to-person relationships and gain independence than the supportive environment of Jewish camp. Camps also ensure a focus on training and staffing for mental wellness, recognizing the challenges that kids and teens today face.   

 Give your child the opportunity to be in the place that kids describe as their happiest place on earth, where they can be their truest selves, in an environment infused with the love of Judaism.  

There are so many great camp options – including newer specialty camps – and it is never too soon to explore or too late to start sleepaway camp. There’s an increasing array of session options as well. My colleague Gerri and I are both here to help you find the perfect Jewish camp for your child. Set up a call with us today at – we can’t wait!