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How will I know if I am chosen as a counselor?

Camps will reach out to you to share more information if they are interested in interviewing you. They will explain their individual process and coordinate with you directly from that point forward.

What are the COVID precautions being taken at camps?

The safety of camp staff and campers is the first priority of every camp. Each camp is working with various overarching organizations such as the American Camp Association, Foundation for Jewish Camp as well as their own medical professionals and local departments of health. Take some time to visit the camps website, each has information on how they are preparing for the summer.

What is the salary for a camp counselor?

Please check with specific camps of interest for salary information. The salary for a camp counselor has a large range depending on camp, the staffers age and experience, and day vs. sleepawawy camp. Salaries for high school students working at camp for the first time will be lower than those for college students and returning staff. Each camp is unique and the specific salary will be determined by the camp and depends on many factors. 

How do I prepare for a camp interview?

We suggest you look at the camp website, social media and watch their videos. Make sure that their vision and values are in-line with yours. Are you Shabbat observant? Are you only interested in competitive sports or a high-end arts program? Do you prefer working with teens or elementary aged kids?   If you know someone who went to the camp, ask them questions about their experience.

No camp has contacted me yet. What do I do?

If it has been 2-3 weeks, we suggest you send an email to the individual camps expressing your interest and indicating that you were referred by Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest

I want to work at camp, but others keep telling me I need an internship this summer.

Being a camp counselor is the best internship you’ll ever have.  You will learn and utilize skills like time management, conflict resolution and leadership development. You will be mentoring a bunkful of children as they are figuring out exactly who they are. Sounds a lot better than making coffee and filing all day – inside an office! 

A camp asked me if I am interviewing with other camps. What do I say?

Any great relationship – employee/employer or otherwise – starts with honesty.  The camps participating in this program understand that Greater MetroWest is possibly sharing your name with more than one camp.

I have a vacation planned this summer, can I still work at camp?

Possibly. Being a camp counselor and role-model for younger kids is a full summer commitment. That said, there are special circumstances where a camp needs someone with a particular skill set for one session or a limited time. Or some camps may offer more flexibility than others. Most importantly, be honest about your availability upfront.

Camps are used to staffers attending college orientation and can work with you to make accommodations for that. If you are a high school student, you may be more likely to have some time between the end of camp and the start of school.

Other questions? Contact Camp@onehappycamperNJ.org