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Camp Programs for Synagogues and Schools

Bring camp-hosted programs to your Greater MetroWest synagogue or school during winter and spring 2021. Subsidies of up to $200 per program are available (complete form below)! Questions? Contact tracy@onehappycamperNJ.org.

We are excited to present this curated guide to engaging, creative year-round programs offered by leading Jewish camps serving our community. Most of the programs are virtual. There are several in-person, socially-distanced program options as well. More than 35 programs to choose from!

This program is supported by the Cooperman Family Charitable Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest NJ.



Please complete this form to request a subsidy up to $200 for camp-hosted programs at Greater MetroWest synagogues and schools. See the Program Listing for details. Be sure to click “Submit” at the bottom.