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Tour de Summer Camps NJ

The Tour de Summer Camps NJ 2020 Summer Challenge is a a six-week virtual ride from July 15-August 31. It’s a family-friendly cycling event that raises funds for One Happy Camper incentive grants and need-based scholarships to make it possible for more children to access the enriching, life-changing experience of Jewish camp.

This year’s event allows you to ride any way you want. Everyone from novice to experienced cyclists can participate and fundraise. You can go outside and ride or stay in and spin. You can ride with family, friends or even take your bicycle to ride on vacation – walking or running is welcome too! Each participant will choose their own mileage goal and have the chance to win weekly prizes for raising the most, riding the most or winning a weekly challenge.

Ride during summer 2020 to get more kids to camp in summer 20201!

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Full details: tourdesummercampsNJ.org